Published on 19 December 2022

Abingdon carpets in Leicester and Leicestershire

Abingdon carpets is a high-quality and luxurious carpet in different attractive colours. This carpet is excellent for offices, bedrooms, lounge areas, and stairs to enhance home decor. Abingdon carpet is a good choice for your home, as it gives you ease and warmth.

Introduction to Abingdon Carpet

Abingdon carpet is a high-quality product of 100% polypropylene, wool nylon, and polyester. This carpet is durable, water-resistant, and very softest, which shows a desirable option. In addition, it is a stain-resistant, trouble-free carpet that is very easy to clean that deserves your home. Abingdon carpets are available in different stunning colours, including grey, beige, cream, black, etc., for styling your home décor. This carpet is also available in other prints, simple forms, or literally any design with any colour combination.

Benefits of Carpet Abingdon

There are many reasons to love Abingdon carpets; a few benefits of Abingdon carpets are as follows:

  • Durability: Abingdon carpets are a durable and wide-range investment for the most active homes.
  • Value: you can get all the benefits at a price you can live with.
  • Unlimited colours: Colours of Abingdon carpets play a vital role in terms of design & creativity. In this way, your options create a unique look for home decor. 
  • Help you breathe easier: Abingdon carpets stop allergies and fibres trap, producing particulate matter as of being in the air stream.
  • Soft, luxurious comfort: Abingdon carpet is a good and soft place to work, sit and play.
  • Reduce Noises: Abingdon carpets combined with cushions carpet help to reduce noise in your home.
  • Soften Falls & Slips: Abingdon carpets support cushions and slip falls if it happens. 
  • Warmth: In every step, you will feel the warmth, especially when you first go out every morning.
  • Versatile Design: Abingdon carpets can be a ridiculous design component in every room. Whether you select a visible pattern, texture, or colours, it may be a room’s origin and essential fact.

What are Abingdon carpets tiles?

Abingdon carpet tiles are cost-effective as their waste is shallow, they need tiny areas, and they are easy to move. The most important thing is the installation charge cost as this will. It takes less time for a professional installer than it’d for a wall-to-wall carpet. Abingdon carpet tiles come with an underlay connection, meaning no additional underlay is required. Abingdon carpet will be the best acoustic under for your living places. It is most effective in noisy rooms or high football commercial zones. It can be reduced noise levels and save people from hearing noise from upstairs rooms. 

Abingdon Carpets Review

Potters Abingdon carpets are based in Anstey Leicester. Our customers like our products and give positive reviews about materials and colours 

Some of the reviews about Abingdon carpet are as follows;

“A Great Service! Kev in Store was very helpful and managed to fit into our very tight schedule! The fitter was great, polite and professional. Quick fitted and lovely finish Thanks from all at Hares”

“We decorated our bedroom, and potters were recommended to us. We had the Abingdon carpets fitted and a new bed delivered with no issue. Brilliant service and prices. A pleasure to deal with. We will be using it again for when we refit our kitchen”

“Brilliant Customer service was provided by Will Robinson at potters superstore. A small issue was resolved very quickly and efficiently. Very friendly staff member, very helpful Thanks Again.”

Is Abingdon a good carpet?

Abingdon is the best carpet as it retains its colour for a long time. If you have pets and children, it would be the best choice for you as it is fade resistant. Furthermore, this carpet is good because it is super soft, comfortable, and stable. Abingdon carpet tiles are durable in high-traffic areas and are easy to install. When Abingdon carpet tiles install properly, they can last up to 8 years.

Bespoke Abingdon Carpets in Leicester:

Many brands are providing Abingdon carpets these days. One of the best brands is Potters. At Potters, we have a vast collection of these carpets. They cover all of your home, festival, and occasional needs. You can visit our collection and check for these carpets. If you don’t like any of this collection’s products, let us know. You can talk to us to share your design. If you can’t draw the design yourself, just share your requirements. Our professionals will make the best sketch of the product for you. Once you approve the sketch, our highly-qualified team will start working on your carpet. And after seven days, you will get the product at your doorstep. So, check now for the best Abingdon carpet at Potters!

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