The Best Carpets in Leicester

At Potters we have been selling affordable carpets in Leicester for over 100 years, which makes us your number one choice for the best range of carpets at the best price!

We stock everything from pure wool to synthetic fibres. Supplying top-quality carpets that offer the best durability, style, and value for your home. Potters have a history of providing some top-notch variety related to carpets in Leicester, We are always the #1 option for carpet shops in Leicester. Stripes to make a statement on your stairs or neutral weaves for a natural look, for all your carpet wants in Leicester, we’ve got it all!

To ensure your carpet blends with the rest of your interior décor, we offer a free sample service and this make Potters the best carpet shops in Leicester. Taking home a few pieces of your chosen carpet is a great way to visualise what works for you and what doesn’t. In addition to samples, we provide a free measuring service and give you a free no obligation quotation.  We pride ourselves on making the whole process as hassle free as possible and known as only carpets shop Leicester.

And with leading brands for Carpets in Leicester like, Brintons, Axminster, Balta Carpets, Regency / Furlong Carpets, Ulster Carpets, Abingdon Carpets and our own Problem Free range there’s something for everyone . Find us on Facebook for amazing deals. If you are looking for best then carpet shops Leicester is the best choice to buy top-quality products

We are your Number One choice for Carpets, Beds and interiors in Leicestershire.

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Carpets For Your Stairs

The type of carpet you choose for your stairs and landing should feel warm, comfortable, and most importantly durable. At Potters, we have got the best carpets in Leicester with a huge variety. The stairs are the hardest worn area of your house and it is important to get the right product, our stairs carpet is designed with practicality, strength and style in mind to ensure these areas make a difference to that space and area.

Potters are one of Leicestershire’s biggest suppliers of stair carpets. In our showroom in Anstey we have the best quality stairs carpets for your to sample and take away if you needed to have an opinion in your own home.

Stair Carpet

Fitting underlay

Underlays & Accessories

hoosing the right underlay and carpet accessories to finish off your flooring can be quite an important decision. After all, its the small details that can leave you feeling extremely satisfied or regretting your decision.

At Potters we have a vast range of underlays, coming in different materials, thickness and textures.

We also have a wide range of door plates, cover plates and adhesives to help ensure your carpet has the best finish.

To understand all the different underlays and accessories should go with your carpet, please come and speak to one of our experts at our showroom in Anstey.

Did you know?

Our carpet fitters are expert fitters in Leicestershire. All Potters fitters are trained to the highest level. We have fitters that have worked for us for 30 years, so you can be assured that we can fit your carpet for any room in the house.

Carpet fitter