Published on 26 September 2023

Best Black Laminate Flooring shop in Leicester & Leicestershire

The finest and highest-quality laminate flooring is currently leading the trend in the UK’s flooring industry. This type of laminate flooring offers robust wear layers and delivers a top-notch image, resulting in increased durability and a more authentic appearance. Our extensive range of laminate flooring options is available in unique styles and finishes, adding an elegant touch to your home. Impeccable fitting and seamless composition are essential for achieving a smooth surface with the best laminate floorboards.

Everyone desires top-quality flooring in their homes, making laminate flooring the ideal choice for enhancing the elegance of your kitchen, bedroom, dining area, and hallways.

How to Ensure You Receive High-Quality Laminate Flooring

Examine the flooring closely by requesting a sample. If you have the opportunity to inspect a large area of flooring, such as in a showroom, you should assess the alignment of the boards and check for irregular edges or gaps. High-quality laminate floors are less slippery compared to their lower-priced counterparts. The best laminate flooring boards can be effortlessly fitted and expertly composed to create a flawless surface.

A good-quality laminate floor will withstand wear and tear effectively and won’t be damaged by pet scratches. It is also repairable if any damage occurs. Quality laminate flooring performs exceptionally well in sunny environments, while cheaper laminates tend to fade quickly. Quality laminate floors both look and feel like authentic materials. They are available in up to seven attractive colours, meticulously crafted during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, digital printing technology is employed to achieve stunning realism.

The Composition of the Best Laminate Flooring:

Laminate flooring comprises four robust layers that are fused together using intense heat and high pressure. Let’s examine these layers in detail:

Core Layer: This layer is positioned above the back layer and consists of a high-density board that offers protection against indentations, ensuring durability for the best-quality laminate flooring in the UK.

Wear Layer: The topmost layer features aluminium oxide, providing protection against surface burns, stains, and fading, thereby preserving the quality of the laminate flooring.

Back Layer: The bottom layer safeguards the planks against moisture, maintaining floor stability.

Design Layer: This layer is known as the design layer, displaying a high-resolution image of the floor’s appearance.

Features of High-Quality Laminate Flooring:

Selecting the best-quality laminate floor offers six essential features for high-traffic areas. Let’s delve into these crucial aspects:

High Resistance: Laminate flooring must resist heat, water, and scratches effectively. For high-traffic areas, options such as engineered hardwood are more suitable due to their enhanced resilience.

Elegance: Durability and resistance do not imply a concrete-like appearance. Beauty is an integral aspect, particularly for high-traffic areas, where aesthetics are paramount.

Cost: While cost is important in your choice, it should not come at the expense of other fundamental qualities. High-traffic laminate flooring should strike a balance between affordability and performance.

Durability: The most critical feature of high-quality laminate flooring is durability. It should withstand the wear and tear from objects falling or furniture being moved. It is constructed from robust materials, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Luxury & Comfort: Comfort and luxury, combined with resistance and durability, are essential qualities of high-traffic laminate floors. These floors offer warmth underfoot, enhancing comfort and safety with their anti-slip features.

Easy Maintenance: High-traffic quality laminate flooring not only resists scratches and footprints but also repels stains and dirt. Ease of maintenance is a desirable attribute, especially in situations where cleaning may not be frequent.

High-Quality Laminate Flooring in the UK:

At Potters, we offer the laminate flooring in the UK. In the flooring industry, numerous high-quality laminate floors are available. Among them, Potters stands out as a top brand, providing customers with 100% organic materials. Our vast collection of the best-quality laminate floors is available at affordable rates. If you don’t find a laminate floor that suits your preferences in our collection, don’t worry. You can discuss your requirements with us or share your custom design by contacting us via phone, video call, email, or in-person visits.

As mentioned earlier, laminate flooring consists of four layers, with the design featured in the third layer. If you bring a custom design for the best-quality laminate flooring, we will use a high-resolution image of your design for the third layer, creating a floor that reflects your vision. Another protective layer is then applied to shield the laminate flooring from stains, marks, and scratches.

Once you approve our design to your satisfaction, our professional team will commence work on your flooring. We assure you that this high-quality laminate flooring will be budget-friendly and delivered to your doorstep, whether it’s for a commercial or residential space, within seven working days. If you require further assistance or advice regarding flooring, you can reach us at 0116 236 2880. So, why wait? Choose the best-quality laminate flooring in the UK from Potters to enhance the style of your home. Visit Potters now!

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