Published on 21 June 2023

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Getting enough sleep is the key to success in a healthy lifestyle. When you wake up, you want to make sure you are the best version of yourself, which usually starts by having a great night’s sleep. At Potters we understand this, and have made sure we are able to provide a wide range of top quality bed brands and mattresses to suit your lifestyle. Of course, everyone wants the best quality beds at a reasonable price, below Potters have taken the time to break down the best brand available out there.

Why you can rely on Potters when you need help choosing your bed

At Potters, we are honored to offer the most luxurious top-quality bed brands in Leicestershire. We have been operating within the beds industry for over 30 years and so have built a very strong reputation with the biggest bed manufacturers worldwide.  Come visit our showroom to view our vast collection of top-quality beds available for collection or delivery. You can choose any bed from this collection, as these beds are discounted at potters. 

At Potters, we work with many different brands, below are some of the brands we work with. When visiting our beds showroom in Anstey, you will be able to view all these different ranges in stock and even try them out.  We have selected offers only in store, so please make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you don’t miss out on the exciting offers we bring to market.

  1. Relyon: Relyon has been producing high-quality beds for more than 150 years. These beds came into existence in Somerset, UK, in 1858. This bed shows luxurious sleep at night. This bed is elegant and durable and has the finest natural fillings. You never get disappointed by the fantastic range of these beds that potters offer.
  2. Sealy: Sealy is the largest bed brand in the world. It supplies its beds in more than 50 countries worldwide. Moreover, The Sealy Posturepedic hybrid collection feature has the most advanced sleep structure ever. It has only a mission to make our customers sleep deeper. 
  3. Rest Assured: Rest assured are known for making mattresses and beds that offer excellent value for money. It has had a superior status for making beds since 1898. It includes a mixture of traditional and orthopedic foam with latex materials. 
  4. Furmanac: Furmanac is the UK’s leading company that manufactures luxury beds and provides supplier services to its customers. It produces velvet beds, upholstered, electric, adjustable beds, and recliner chairs for the mobility industry. Furmanc has experience manufacturing hand-crafted beds for more than 50 years.
  5. Shire Bed: the shire bed was founded in 1997 in the UK. They manufacture headboards, mattresses, and bases using the finest quality materials. Shire beds produce excellent quality beds for its valuable customers. They believe that goods design is a necessity, not a luxury. It means a well-made, very comfortable, luxurious, and durable bed.
  6. Silentnight: Silentnight has been the most luxurious and forefather in comfort in the UK since 1920. Silentnight is one of the front competitors in the technology of beds. It is the most innovative development in the bed industry.
  7. Divine sleep: These are our entry-level traders. Moreover, they signify excellent value for the price. It also provides guest beds, children’s beds, and everyday beds that suits your need and budgets.

Other brands include; Limelight, Vogue, Julian Bowen, New Design and Serene.

Visit our showroom to find out why we have the best variety of beds in Leicestershire.

Along with our wide range of beds, we also sell pillows, quilts and mattress toppers.  

Free local delivery service with all of our beds & mattresses. We also offer a disposal & set up service.

We assure you that these beds will be pocket-friendly and be delivered to your doorstep within seven working days. If you need any further assistance or suggestion regarding the bed, you can call us at 0116 236 2880. So what are you waiting for to get the top quality bed brands in Leicestershire to make your home stylish? Visit Potters now!

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