Published on 26 September 2023

best laminate flooring uk

The best laminate flooring UK gains its popularity at the end of the 1970s. Laminate flooring is a competitor to LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile.) But now, this is the top trend in the flooring industry. In order to make your houses, homes, and commercial places stylish and beautiful, you should go for laminate flooring. 

Everyone wants to leave a good impression on the people who step into their house. Many experts say that flooring is the main thing that people notice. It is not difficult to find excellent flooring in this modern world. So, the best laminate flooring UK is a perfect choice if you want elegant dining, kitchen, hallways, and bedrooms. 

Laminate Flooring Structure:

Beast laminate flooring UK contains four powerful layers in it. All these four layers fuse together using intense heat and high pressure. Now let’s see what exactly these layers are.

  • Back Layer: The bottom layer protects planks against moisture to balance the floor.
  • Core Layer: This layer is present above the back layer. It contains a high-density board that protects from indentations. Furthermore, this layer provides durability to the best laminate flooring UK.
  • Design Layer: A layer is present above the core layer, and this layer is called as design layer. This layer has a high-resolution image of the floor’s appearance.
  • Wear Layer: This is the topmost layer manufactured with aluminum oxide. It helps to protect the laminate flooring against surface burns, stains, and fading.

Benefits of the Laminate Flooring:

  • Durability: 

The most important feature is the durability of the laminating floor. It must resist the wear and tear from an object falling on the floor or dragging furniture items. Or else, from pet walks and children’s games. This floor is made with solid materials that do not give away easily, guaranteeing that this floor is durable.

  • High Resistance:

The laminating floor must resist heat, water, and scratches. This way, high-traffic flooring choices such as engineered hardwood is more suitable and resilient.

  • Easy Maintenance:

High-traffic laminate flooring not only resists scratches and footprints. It is also visible to stains and dirt. Therefore, ease of maintenance is a desirable element. Unfortunately, these floors quickly get sand, mud, and stains, especially when you don’t like to clean floors.

  • Elegance:

Just because your floors are durable and resistant does not mean they look like concrete. Beauty must be increased with the above features, but keep in mind that, for high traffic, visits will be increased.

  • Comfort:

Comfortable, elegant, resistant, and durable, this is what high-traffic laminate floors should be. In addition, laminating Floors are not too cold underfoot, as warmth is essential in terms of comfort. It is also in charge of providing safety to the user while walking without neglecting the anti-slip features.

  • Cost:

You don’t need to split your pocket to get a high-traffic laminating floor. Cost is an important factor in your choice, but remember that you shouldn’t sacrifice other fundamentals for it.

Best Laminate Flooring in Leicester, UK

At Potters, we offer top-quality Best Laminate Flooring in Leicester, UK. In the flooring industry, there are many top-quality laminate floors. Among all of them, potter’s is the top Brand that provides services to its customer with 100% organic material. We have a vast collection of laminate floors available at potters. You can choose any laminate floor from our collection, as these floors are available at cheap rates at potters. If you didn’t like any laminate flooring from this collection, No worries. Discuss your requirement with us or send us your custom design by talking to us via call, video call, email, or visits.

As mentioned above, laminate flooring consists of 4 layers, and the 3rd layer contains the design. So, if you bring a custom design of laminate flooring, then we will take a high-resolution image of it. This image is placed on the 3rd layer to make it look like your custom design. After this layer, another layer places to protect the laminate flooring from stains, marks, and scratches. 

Once you approve our sketch according to your desire, our professional team will start working on it. We assure you that this laminate flooring will be pocket-friendly and delivered to your doorstep, whether commercial or residential place, within seven working days. If you need any further assistance or suggestion regarding the floor, you can call us at 0116 236 2880. So what are you waiting for to get the top quality Best Laminate Flooring in Leicester, UK to make your home stylish? Visit Potters now!

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